A Sigh

Zoe Li,A Sigh,2021,AI Installation, thermal paper, 120×100×60cm, image courtesy of the artist  

As all the things are designed to be functional- especially Artificial Intelligent, I desperate to see AI one day become another form of existence besides human beings – what if they become nothingness, they output only – a sigh? The AI model is trained with collected diaries during this decade in China. As it finally can generate diaries for future day on behalf of people, but it connects to a CNC machine which only outputs hot air. The diary it generates at the end become hot air. The thermal paper is exposed to the hot air and reveals a blurry shape of the text. Experiences are not shared among individual, the project from the beginning is not expecting people understand each other. Feelings just don’t flow freely from one individual to another even though you share the same language. The project simply does not intend to force anyone to understand anyone, including AIs and humans. The trained data are fed into the AI and AI makes an effort to create, but all at the end become a sigh, a breath, or a nothingness.
Supported by CAC & Duke Kunshan University

当所有的事物都被设计成功能性的,尤其是人工智能,它是否有可能成为人类之外的另一种存在形式——如果他们成为虚无, 他们的输出只是一声叹息呢?《一声叹息》中的人工智能模型由近十年来艺术家收集的日记内容训练而成。它可以生成任何一个日期的日记,但由于它连接至一个只能输出热气的计算机数字控制机床,最后生成的日记也就变成了热气。热敏纸暴露在热气中,显示出模糊的文字形状。大量的数据训练着人工智能,人工智能则努力创造日记,但最后都成为一声叹息,一个呼吸,或一场虚无。