Ice Cores/Arctic Archipelago/Not Planet Earth

Susan Schuppli,ICE CORES,2019,HD video colour with stereo sound,3982 secs,image courtesy of the artist

Ice Cores is the first in a series of documentary films exploring the politics of cold. It documents activities in the Canadian Ice Core Archive and the OSU Ice Core and Quaternary Geochemistry Lab in the US as well as glacial retreat at the Athabasca Glacier in the Columbia Icefields and ice core drilling at Mount Oxford, Nunavut. It forms part of the multi-year research project Learning from Ice.

《冰芯》是系列纪录片中的第一部。 它记录了加拿大冰芯档案馆和美国OSU冰芯和第四纪地球化学实验室的活动,以及哥伦比亚冰原的阿萨巴斯卡冰川的冰川退缩和努纳武特的牛津山的冰芯钻探。它是多年研究项目 "向冰学习 "的一部分。

Susan Schuppli,ARTIC ARCHIPELAGO,2021,HD video colour with stereo sound,1580 secs,image courtesy of the artist

Shot during the circumnavigation of Spitsbergen in the Svalbard Arctic Archipelago in August 2020 as part of inquiry into sea ice and the geopolitics of the Circumpolar North. The challenge with this visual material is that of “denaturalising” the image.  While the most visible proof that something is happening may be that of an ice shelf calving these are environments that are saturated with politics: colonial, extractivsist, military-intelligence etc. What can be seen, sensed and known about these spaces beyond the melancholic register of melting ice? Original musical score by Mohamad Safa.

2020年8月在斯瓦尔巴德北极群岛的斯皮茨卑尔根岛环游期间拍摄,作为对海冰和环北极气候的调查的一部分。这种视觉材料所面临的挑战是如何使图像 "非自然化"。 在融化的冰层的忧郁记录之外,对这些空间还能看到、感觉到和知道什么?

Susan Schuppli,NOT PLANET EARTH,2021,HD video colour with stereo sound,864 secs,image courtesy of the artist

The Svalbard Arctic Archipelago is an environment saturated with politics, but little if anything of these politics is readily perceptible within the visual field. Taking the aesthetic regime of climate change seriously involves ‘a’ recognition that the conditions of image production are themselves deeply entangled with the environmental conditions they seek to document and the histories of image extraction that have long colonised our Western imagination. This video acts as a footnote to the film Arctic Archipelago (2021) and reflects upon the many conditions of image production that circumscribe access to and engagement with this cryospheric environment.

认真对待气候变化的美学机制,需要认识到图像生产的条件本身与它们试图记录的 环境条件以及长期以来我们想象中图像事 如何深深纠缠在一起的。这段视频作为电 影《北极群岛》(2021年)的注脚,反映了图像制作的许多条件,这些条件限制了对这个冰冻环境的访问和参与。