Melting in time

SHI Zheng,Melting in time,2022,video installation,dimension variable,image courtesy of the artist 施政,熔于时间,2022年,影像装置,尺寸可变,图片版权归属艺术家

On the screen, an iceberg slowly breaks apart, disappearing in the sea. Inspired by a video of the collapse of a massive iceberg in a Greenland ford, Shi Zheng uses computer-generated image technology to reimagine the entire process in this video work. In the artist's view, the collapse of an ice shelf is not a natural event, but a confrontation between human time, geological time, and technological time against the backdrop of climate change. Through digital manipulation, nature can be simulated and reproduced hyper realistically, which also is in itself a metaphor for how human behavior has impacted and transformed the environments in which we live. The artist questions the relationship between humans and their surroundings: how did the primordial, stable structures of nature move incrementally towards more frequent and violent changes? How did nature gradually become unmoored?