Captured Nature

Jaehun Park,Captured Nature,2021,3D Simulation video,seamless loop, image courtesy of the artist

Facing changes and order in nature, we feel sublime as humans, a small part of it. Meanwhile, this simulation video uses various physical engines that reproduce the mechanisms of nature in a virtual space to position natural objects like the Creator of the universe and poeticize the changing nature. As the sun's direction changed, the angle of the shadow thrown on the wall slide away. The artificial glass box installation contains nature’s lively weather-changing phenomenon. On the dune in the glass box, there is an abandoned landmine, but nature’s weather changing never mind, wind blowing, snowfall, sunset, and sunrise are keeping happening in the surreal artificial structure. In this simulation video, there is a virtual gallery space that seems to indicate where we are standing. It represents two different time scales in two different spaces inside the glass box, and outside of it. In front of changing nature, time, space, space-time, and the gravitational field, the human becomes nothing, but mortal.