HE Zike,Saros,2020-2022,single channel video,900 secs,image courtesy of the artist

Saros presents a dystopian story. At the apex of a new cycle of solar activity, after the solar eclipse of the summer solstice, a family transform into their domestic environment of a soap, plastic bag, simulated plant and electric plug, in the shadow of the eclipse and the disruption of the electronic system.

As the final stage of the Download Life series, the film, like a hallucination created by the fragments of the previous works, uses digital models as a medium for submersion in modern life, including a series of irregular structures behind them: networks, databases, QR codes, planetary matter, cosmic cycles, artificial environments, mysterious signals, and the order and breakdown of the mundane human life. It recreates the annular eclipse of the summer solstice in 2020 and invokes the deadly relationship between solar activity and electronic systems to touch on the uncertainties that exist in both the digital and physical world – in the pre-Internet era, a breakdown  in electronic systems caused by a massive solar storm had occurred, which could turn out to be a catastrophe today, however, the next one cannot yet be predicted. As a silent aside, an intelligent machine recounts its experience of a malfunction, as if describing an illness, a systemic disruption. It also talks about “deformation” and “disappearance” that might happen in a state of overload, and the flow of boundaries and concepts. Yet it may also be mere gibberish.

The film was shot in the neighborhoods of the Capital Belt of Beijing, where the artist lived during the lockdown, and invited friends, neighbors, and domestic and maintenance workers to join the performance . In addition, as a parallel line, the audience can scan the QR codes that appear in the film to access different screen spaces. These include a short notice, and two pieces of advertisement for a digital perfume and a digital watch, which can be accessed in its digital form, however the virtual world does not smell and the watch can not indicate the time.

While the Chinese title means one day in eternity, the English title of the work, Saros, means the certain period of time used to predict the cycle of eclipses, where the Sun, Earth and Moon return to similar corresponding positions, so that almost the same eclipses will occur again.

《永恒的一日》(Saros)呈现了一段荒诞的故事。在新一轮的太阳活动周期顶点,夏至日的日食之后,一家四口在食相的阴影和电子系统的紊乱之中变异为了家居环境中的一部分,香皂 、塑料袋、仿真植物和电插头。

作为《下载生活》系列的最后阶段,影片如同前序作品的碎片所产生的幻觉,以数字模型作为某种潜入现代生活构造的载体,包括其背后一系列不规则的结构: 网络、数据库、二维码、行星物质、宇宙周期、人造环境、神秘信号,以及平凡的人类日常中的秩序与崩坏。它再现了2020年夏至日的日环食,并引用了太阳活动与电子系统之间致命性的关系,以触碰数字世界甚至人类生存中所存在的不确定性——由大规模的太阳风暴造成的电子系统危机上一次发生在前互联网时代,下一次则还无法预测。旁白中,智能机器讲述了它的一次故障的经验,又像是在描述一场疾病,一次系统的混乱,它也谈论了在过载状态中的“变形”与“消失”,以及边界与概念的流动。然而它也可能只是在胡言乱语。作为一条与主线平行的叙事通道,观众可以扫描影片中出现的二维码进入不同的屏幕空间。其中包括一则简讯,以及一条数字香水与数字手表的广告,它们能够被以数字形态获取,然而虚拟世界并没有气味,手表也无法指示时间。