Everything Begins to Melt Here...

Please follow me, visitors from the gentle world, you are bathing in the sun in the warm winter of Beijing.

The so-called “cosmic microwave background radiation” is the thin air with hazy glow here. Yes, we are “thermal” animals, just like the fact that you are visual animals. For us, “heat” cannot be naturally divided. It always disperses, germinates, entangles itself, and travels at will, and you seem to have the ability to decompose, transport, cut off, transmit and even purify it.

Freon keeps your skin dense and even in summer. You create pure heat blocks with clear geometric edges and name them “microwave oven” and “skating rink.” The heat crawls along the electric tower, optical fiber, and power grid section by section, outlining the ambiguous universe in our eyes, rising one after another. You have even constructed a profound tone that we rarely see. It is on a square called a quantum computer in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena (to quote your description of “heat”). It operates below 15 degrees Kelvin, “colder” than outer space. As for the high-energy sustained pulse in Joint European Torus near Oxford, UK, in our eyes, it can almost rival the roar of the sun.

There are many pieces of material evidence about your gentle world that we have collected: red glowing tubes, orange light films, instruments for tracking the sun’s path, and devices for detecting electromagnetic landscapes. Visitors from the gentle world, you do not always agree with each other: some of you are obsessed with domiciling heat, while others are interested in the hidden, escaping, and discrete heat and are even able to smell the red backbite bred by the chaotic mother earth. Even if it is not as extreme as the UV disaster imagined by Ellen Feist, it does make the glacier retreat and the sea rise.

Please make a turn here, visitors from the gentle world. Although you are outstanding heat managers, unlike us, who cannot isolate the “heat” feeling for the existence of heat synesthesia, at least at some moments, we can understand each other’s feelings. In 1859, the solar storm nearly destroyed the telegraph system that was taking shape back then. Many of you, like us, witnessed the strange flash in the polar sky. You, smart people, have realized that the answer to “heat” is sometimes buried in ice. Scientists among you are chasing the history of these solar storms from the nitrogen oxides deposited in the thin layer of ice core rich in nitrate. Data and genes of everything are right there in Svalbard Archipelago in the polar circle, with more probes stretching to coal and oil under the ice cover. You will tactfully describe the answer as the politics of energy, climate, and technology. The cycle of heat and cold entangles solar radiation, polar permafrost, and lithosphere. Narrow roads sometimes emerge in the area where the glaciers are fading. You are driving to the past when you drive here and track the irretrievable edge of the ice.

Presumably, you also find that this is a place where some entropy chaos were accidentally sealed. In a sense, we are you in the past or the remote future. To us, the appearance of iron does not mean the death of stars. Entropy is no longer a secret. Neither is the end of life a sigh. We never read the fluctuation of mercury in the scale or managed to tame the heat in a room of several square feet. We never built a heating network covering the city or a machine eye to detect the temperature of everything, but we grasped the existence of “heat” on a larger scale. “Heat” is in our eyes and bodies, surging at its will like hurricanes and eddies connecting the core of the earth and the sun or continuous fog under the ice field. In fact, the combination of hot sun and dark and cold sky leads to the existence of low entropy. The world is never really gentle.

Now, I'm going back to the solar time. I hope you will enjoy your stay here, visitors from the gentle world.






想必你也发现了,这里是不小心被封存的一段熵值混乱的时空。我们某种意义上是过去的你们,或者极远未来的你们,对我们来说,铁元素的出现并不意味着恒星的死亡,熵不再是秘密,生命尽头也未必是一声叹息。我们从来不阅读量表里水银的涨落,也无法将热驯服在几尺见方的房间,我们不曾造出覆盖城市的供暖网络,或是检测万物温度的机器眼睛,但我们在更大的尺度上把握着“热”的存在。 “热”在我们的眼里和身里,仍然自由翻涌,如连通地核与太阳的飓风与漩涡,抑或冰原之下连绵的雾霭。其实,是炽热太阳与暗冷天空的结合,才导致了低熵的存在,世界从未真正温和。