Porosity Valley, Portable Holes

Ayoung Kim, Porosity Valley,Portable Holes,2017,single channel video,1280 secs,image courtesy of the artist金雅瑛,多孔性溪谷,2017年,影像,21分20秒,图片版权归属艺术家

"Petra Genetrix from Porosity Valley. Date of birth unknown, gender not applicable. Welcome to the Immigration Data Center (IDC)."

As a speculative fiction, Porosity Valley, Portable Holes (2017) unfolds narratives that encompass imaginary subterranean geologies as live things, in which a quasi-mythical entity named “Petra Genetrix” encounters practical problems while trying to migrate to another rocky platform. As an ever-migrant, half mineral composition and half data bits, Petra’s journey is a metaphor for the physical migration as well as the digital migration in the flow. The stories penetrate, push and pull through the porous spaces within underlying geological structures.

The work suggests strata of various times and spaces, enabling multi-scalar and multi-temporal variations of the imaginations. Heterogeneous visual materials of CGs, 3D models and green screen-shot footage of actors, as well as live video shots collide and merge into a polyphonic coexistence with the multi-layered synthetic sound and voices. The work is prone to strange meetings of ideas while achieving the most of the thought experiment.

“来自多孔性溪谷的Pentra Genetrix,出生时间未知,性别不明。欢迎来到移民数据中心(IDC)。”

展开了将想象中的地质物体作为活物的叙事,其中一个名为 “Petra Genetrix”的准神话实体在试图迁移到另一个岩石平台时遇到了操作性问题。作为一个不断迁徙的存在,它一半是矿物成分,一半是数据比特,它的旅程充满了物理迁移以及数字迁移的隐喻。这些故事穿透、推动和拉动了底层地质结构中的多孔空间。


Petrogenesis, Petra Genetrix

Ayoung Kim, Petrogenesis,Petra Genetrix,2019&2021,single channel video,approx.420 secs,image courtesy of the artist

In 2019, Ayoung Kim travelled to Mongolia to research its abundant animistic belief system towards land, mother rock, stones and sacred caves that purify human guilts. It is the widespread belief of the Mongolian people that rocks and minerals are alive, like other natural elements. Consider the particular origin myth that human beings were born from rocks. From where does the belief come from, and why has it prevailed for so long…? Ayoung Kim traces this topic and creates her own hyperbolic mythology connected to the origin of Petra Genetrix by integrating interviews with a historian, geologist, geology museum director, and the locals. By way of the notion of Petrogenesis – which refers to a genesis from rocks - Ayoung Kim wanders the interrelated and overlapped layers of time, as though lost in the Earth’s strata.

“Quartz can be considered to be a type of natural computer, since it absorbs and stores a large amount of energy.” Can we think of the rocks and stones that have existed since the beginning of the Earth as the Earth’s vehicle for memory storage?

2019年,金雅瑛前往蒙古,研究蒙古地区存在的关于土地、母岩、石头和净化人类罪孽的神圣洞穴的丰富的泛灵论信仰体系。蒙古人普遍认为,岩石和矿物是有生命的,就像其他自然元素一样——想想那些关于人类是从岩石中诞生的特殊起源神话。这种信仰从何而来,为什么会盛行了这么久......?艺术家通过整合对历史学家、地质学家、地质博物馆馆长和当地人的采访,追踪这一话题,并创造了她自己与她设想的生命体“Petra Genetrix”的起源有关的神话。通过Petrogenesis的概念(指岩石的起源),艺术家在相互关联和重叠的时间层中徘徊,就像迷失在地球的地层中一样。